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…it’s your legacy…


dedicated to helping entrepreneurs uplevel their business (and simplify their life)


If you’re here, it’s because you’re an achiever and you want even more. You’re committed to being your best. You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, attended the seminars and conferences. You stay up to date on all the latest industry trends.


BUT you still haven’t achieved the results you want, at least not at the level you want.


Your business is more than just a business, it’s your legacy.


It’s the legacy of determination, drive and passion that you’ll be leaving to your kids, friends, employees and community. A model for them to follow, to believe that everything is possible.


That’s why you’re here. It’s time to think bigger and achieve more. The world needs your great ideas. The status quo is no longer an option.

It’s time to take it up a notch…and that’s why I’m here.


we’ll work on the rest together…

  • You want to build a business that is fully structured, so you can focus on your expertise and your mission to help your clients turn their dreams into reality.

  • You’re looking for proven tools so you don’t waste hours trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • You want to be more visible to your current and future clients, as well as to centers of influence.

  • You want to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas, ask questions, get clear answers and be inspired by other action-takers.

  • You want to build a team of autonomous, proactive and engaged employees who continually strive for excellence.

  • You want to thrive doing what you love while fully enjoying your entrepreneurial journey.

  • You’re ready to take action and to bring your business to the next level


Well, that is exactly what we’ll accomplish together.


Kristi is awesome!!! I am working with her on individual coaching sessions and she is so knowledgeable and helpful!! I highly recommend!!


My perspective on life has completely changed, I now know I am an incredible woman and I have the tools to make my life even better.



  • How can I attract clients CONSISTENTLY and get out of the feast/famine cycle?

  • Can I stop selling offers that either I no longer enjoy or are a time suck and focus in on just my passion?

  • Do I need to increase my prices?

  • How can I grow my income without substantially growing my hours?

  • How do I consistently generate the income I want and be able to know it’s coming?

  • Is 6 figures something someone like me can REALLY do?

  • Do I need to have a podcast/blog/FB group/run challenges to get to the next level? And while we’re here, how much work is that going to take me?

  • What’s really required to go to 6 figures and beyond as a Entrepreneur?

  • How do I need to be thinking differently to grow from here?

  • What systems, structures and maybe even team do I need in place to grow?

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  • You want to have a team that follows solid systems and processes that free up your TIME.

  • You no longer want to be at the center of everything…but still keep a keen eye on the important data for the growth of your business as a CEO would.

  • You dream of an autonomous, reliable, solid, proactive team that pushes and maybe even detects business development opportunities.

  • You want to sleep soundly, peacefully, knowing that the business is doing well, even when you are not there.


  1. No, you don’t need another employee - If you are an overworked entrepreneur (due to growth or administrative complexity), you probably have the reflex to want to increase your team. We agree, hiring implies lower margins, more training, and more personnel management. What if it were possible to stop being overwhelmed, keeping your margins and your time? How do you get there? Probably not by hiring an additional person, but by reviewing your business guidelines, incorporating clear processes and organizational efficiency.

  2. No, you don’t need more systems, software or technology - Often, entrepreneurs believe that integrating a new system, software and technology will save everything. The truth is that these systems, software and technologies are not a magic pill. They sometimes require a significant financial investment, an endless learning curve and customization. And since most entrepreneurs are so busy, they don’t have time to learn and customize the system – so the investment is not used to its full value. What if the solution was simplicity: tools that are intentionally developed, have a very tested and proven.

  3. No, you don’t need a complex strategy - You’ve probably made a complex business plan, and often, it ends up at the bottom of a drawer to be brought out at the end of the year, only to realize that you didn’t follow it (or that it was theoretical, but not applicable). Or, you started 80 projects because of “brilliant!” ideas you heard or read, but they’re not finished, the team is spread out in all the projects – which demotivates them, burns them, demoralizes them and now they don’t believe in the new ideas you bring (they say to themselves in a low voice “ah, another idea…”). The problem could be, going back to the basics of your intrinsic mission to say no to all the ideas that are ultimately just distractions, and put in place a clear, crisp, specific plan of action that gives you tangible results.

  4. No, you don’t need to be everywhere at the same time - Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, networking, media, events, you’d like to be everywhere, because all the experts say you should be everywhere at the same time. Results? Well…none, except that you have an outdated Facebook page (which hurts your brand image), an unexploited LinkedIn network, and the dream of a YouTube channel remains only in your dreams. What if, instead, the focus was on being at the right place, with the right message at the right time. That’s the way of being noticed AND remarkable.

  5. No, you don’t need a mass business development strategy or to attract a large number of clients - Perhaps you’re doing a series of marketing initiatives that attract interested people, but not your ideal clients. You are attracting “C” or even “D” clients. The demand on you and your team is high in terms of time and overall energy. You’re not as excited to meet non-ideal clients and most importantly, you’re not using your full potential. It’s like a dental surgeon doing teeth cleanings – useful, but a waste of expertise for the clients who really need you. By having a clear and established business positioning, accurate marketing strategies to attract THAT client, you accomplish more AND you really make the difference you want to make in the world around you.

Alone in the Office

Working together in my signature
private coaching program will focus on results like:

  • Getting your mindset working for you with a deep belief in yourself and your ability as a entrepreneur so that you can consistently make sales 

  • Giving you the confidence to share your message so that you become a leader in your field and people asking to work with you consistently 

  • Solidifying the foundations of your business so that it’s ready to hold more; your niche, signature program, marketing plan, content and selling so that you are in a place to sustainably grow

  • Creating replicable processes that work so that you always know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want

  • Mastering money so that not only are you confident managing money you are able to breakthrough any limits you currently have on yourself so that you can be beautifully rewarded and compensated for the work you do

  • Transitioning you from seeing yourself as the ‘service provider’ in your business to becoming a true business owner and badass CEO  

  • Growing your support with team and assessing what may be needed as you grow to six figures in terms of systems and support

I’m the best person to help you because what you want in business, I’ve done too!


I’m here as your mentor and coach to support you to grow your business your way using my unique blend of coaching and consulting.


I’m an entrepreneur, so I know what it takes to build a business, run a business, have a team and wearing all the hats.


Today, and for over 20 years now, I’ve had the honor of coaching some of the top consulting professionals and speaking to hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs.


But I don’t think there’s anything that touches me more than when a client like Caroline tells me that she was finally able to go on a 3 week vacation and really enjoy it – a true zen vacation from our work together;


or Jason and his team of 8 people, who now have a concrete team dynamic where the whole team is aligned, motivated, with a clear positioning. Everyone knows where we’re going and what they have to do to get there;


or Audrey, who’s taking the lead of the family business and bringing in her color, her reality and the family balance she wants for herself, her team and her clients.


And by coaching the entrepreneur, you coach the whole team in return. Everyone wins.

Better entrepreneur, better leader, better business.


I totally GET coaching and I 100% GET business.


I know my stuff and I’m right here with you walking the walk in my business every day. 

How this Coaching program works:

6 month journey that is completely tailored to you and your unique business. This includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute kick-off session so we can dive deep immediately in your business and set you up for long-term success right from the start

  • 17 x 50 minute 1-on-1 Coaching calls – set weekly with one week off every month for implementation and integration (3 weeks on, 1 week off per month) to breakthrough mindset blocks, strategise, set plans and tasks and have the accountability you know you need for big results. 

  • Unlimited chat support between sessions got a question between sessions, a win to share or need support? I‘ve got you! We have our own communication app to ensure you are constantly moving forward in sessions AND outside of session (previous clients have commented that this is JUST AS VALUABLE as the coaching sessions themselves). Think of this as having access to me daily direct.

  • Office Hours Support: Your unlimited support also includes my eyes on your work whenever you need it. Created a new opt-in you want a second set of eyes on? Re-worked that ever important website home page? Not sure how to word that final call to action? This support means I can take a look and give you specific feedback for your business.

  • Worksheets and personally recommended resources that have been created and curated by me to ensure they meet your needs and fit your business

  • BONUS GIFTS tailored to what you are working on

  • A welcome gift shipped straight to your door (but I can’t tell you anything else or it won’t be a surprise)


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Imagine in the next 6 months being able to walk away with:

  • The ability to market yourself authentically, with ease and stand out as a leader in your niche so you are constantly attracting new clients

  • A content strategy that connects into the heart of your dream clients making their decision to work with you a no-brainer

  • Signature programs, courses and packages that work for you and your clients moving your people from ‘audience’ to ‘client’

  • An up-levelled version of you, the empowered and impactful CEO and Coach who is no longer standing between herself and success, who works with clients, changes lives and makes the money she knows she was meant for

  • Proven business strategies that will work for your business model so that your business is growing, the clients are coming and your bank account is growing

  • A pathway to growing your business to six figures

Image by Andrew Neel
Image by Jess Bailey


$10,000 USD
(a monthly payment plan of $1,695 USD is available)

If you are feeling the pull and ready to explore growing
your business and setting the path for 6 figures or scaling into multi-6 figures then the first step is to book a call together by clicking the button below.


From there you will receive an invitation to book you 60 minute Business Breakthrough Discovery Call where together we can asses your current situation and make personalised recommendations to take your business to the next level.


I am all about right fit and results, so if I’m not the best person to support you,
I will always let you know and advise what specific support you need in your business.

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